Stone Paper

At mr.wordsmith we are committed to innovative and sustainable manufacturing practices. We love our stationery and also love our planet, so we wanted to find the most sustainable means to manufacture our products with the least impact on our environment. Enter, stone paper.

All of our stone-paper products are manufactured using no paper or tree pulp, no water, no toxins and no bleach, plus they are 100% recyclable. Our paper is manufactured using 60% less carbon emissions compared with regular paper production.

Stone-paper consists of 80% stone (calcium carbonate, CaC03). Calcium carbonate is ubiquitous in nature, it is continuously replenished through means of natural cycles in rivers, lakes and oceans. This stone is crushed into a fine powder and bound together with PE resin, this resin is entirely non-toxic, photodegradable, 100% recyclable and commercially compostable. 

Stone-paper is also 100% waterproof and tear-resistant, making it suitable for everything that life throws at it (literally)!

See how our paper stacks up:

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