World Literacy Foundation

At the core of Mr. Wordsmith, is our belief that everyone has the right to education. We're so proud to support the World Literacy Foundation and their amazing work to empower people around the globe with the power of literacy.

1 in 5 people across the globe does not have the ability to read. The World Literacy Foundation is a global not-for-profit organisation committed to increasing access to, and improving the quality of education for young people around the globe. Through innovative learning techniques, WLF works to lift young people out of poverty with literacy. It's so important that children are taught to read and write at an early age so that they can enjoy lifelong learning and the opportunities that arise with education.

A percentage of the profits from every Mr. Wordsmith purchase contributes towards supporting WLF in their mission to ensure every child learns to read and write.

To learn more about the World Literacy Foundation visit their website

– Mr. Wordsmith