Turning To A Blank Page

Here are three ways we use our blank journals.

1. Goal Tracker

Use your blank journal as a goal tracker so that you won't ever lose sight of your ambitions. With this simple layout, clearly set your goal and the steps required to achieve it. We've left a little space at the bottom of the page for some inspiration. Past a photo of what you want, jot down a little note reminding yourself why you set this goal or write out an inspiring quote to keep you motivated as you work towards it. 


2. Daily Planner

Starting a day with an overwhelming list of events, meeting and to-do's can make for a stressful morning. We like to set this one up every evening to get you organised and ready to go for the day ahead. The main section is where you can layout your day. The section below is for the non-negotiable tasks to achieve before you go to sleep tonight. The sidebar is for your to-do list any other little to-do's that come during the day. 


3. Habit Tracker

We're always making resolutions to improve our habits, but it's so easy to lose sight of them. This easy habit tracker helps you to hold yourself accountable to making those little lifestyle changes we all seem to forget from time to time. Simply write down the habit you want to keep track of and tick the days where you've maintained it. We find that this little layout keeps us motivated as well, because it is just so unsatisfying to leave any of those days unticked!



We hope that you've learnt something new from these layouts. We would love to see how you use your blank journal, reply to our Instagram story or leave a comment to let us know!


– Mr. Wordsmith