Stone Paper

At the core of Mr. Wordsmith, is our commitment to sustainable manufacturing and innovative design practice. We are always working to improve our processes and minimise our environmental impact. Stone paper is how we do so.


Creating Stone Paper

Our stone paper products are manufactured using no paper or tree pulp, no water, no toxins and no bleach. It consists of 80% calcium carbonate stone which is continuously replenished in nature. This occurs through means of natural cycles that occur within bodies of water such as rivers, lakes and oceans. This stone is crushed into a fine powder and bound together with PE resin to produce our stone paper. 


Why Stone Paper?

If you’re not already convinced, our stone paper is 100% recyclable, commercially compostable and photodegradable. Essentially, when our stone paper products are left in the sun for 12 months, they return to dust and can even be turned into more stationery. 

Have you ever spilt a coffee on your notebook? Same here. We’re very much familiar with spilling a drink on our stationery only for the paper to become damp and shrivel up as it dries. Stone-paper is 100% waterproof and tear resistant, meaning you can just wipe the coffee up off the pages like it never happened.



See how our paper stacks up: