Mindful Evening Journal Prompts

adjective | mind-ful
: bearing in mind or being aware

After a busy day, we always find it calming to slow down by putting pen to paper. Here are five simple  journal prompts that you can use daily before you go to bed.

Five Things I Am Grateful For

We try to stay away from generic things such as family, friends, food and work. Instead, put some thought into what you truly are thankful for. Is it your ability to run? The book you’ve just started? Your attention to detail? 

Four Things That Made Me Smile Today

We’re sure you can think of more than four, but what was it about today that made you smile? It might’ve have been a joke your coworker told, a dog you saw walking down the street or the dinner you shared with friends this evening. 

Three Tasks You Ticked Off

There’s nothing better than finishing the day knowing that you were productive. Whether this is finishing a major work project, going to pilates or just sending an email you were dreading, note it down!

Two Moments That You Felt Proud Of Yourself

We’re allowed to feel proud of the things we accomplish. Perhaps you were proud that you drank your 2L of water today or for delivering a presentation to a client. 

One Thing I’m Looking Forward To Tomorrow

Tomorrow is just around the corner! Are you excited to go out with your friends for after work drinks or to listen to a new podcast you were told about recently? 

What are your current journal prompts? We’d love to hear them — let us know over on Instagram @mr.wordsmith