How To Take A Digital Detox

noun | de-tox
: the process of removing an intoxicating or addictive substance or the effect of such from

We know just how hard it can be to get caught up in the digital sphere. Whether it’s working on your laptop, scrolling through social media, texting your friends or binging the latest Netflix series — it can be tricky to get away from it all. We’re often so overwhelmed with all of the digital stimuli that it can leave us feeling stressed and even anxious. Here are some tips that we have found work for us as we try to get away from all things tech. 

Know When You Can Detox

A lot of us work on our laptops all day and even our phones (we’re talking to you social media managers). So you might not be able to avoid your devices all day, but we suggest limiting use of them outside of your working hours. Once you clock off, just enjoy it. 

Put Your Phone On Do Not Disturb

…or better yet, turn it off completely! Our lives are so often interrupted by tweets, buzzes and beeps. During your allocated digital detox time, turn these notifications off so that you can enjoy being fully present with whatever it is that you’re doing.

Delete Apps That Aren’t Serving You

Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be permanent! Perhaps you’re spending a lot of time scrolling on Instagram or watching Tiktoks; you may even just be overwhelmed with all of your Messenger group chats. Let your friends and family know that you’re taking a break, and delete the app for a period of time. Whether this is a day, a week or more — you’ll feel the difference immediately. 


Perhaps you’re a busy person who needs to be connected to your friends, family, work and school most of the time. A recurring digital detox can help you to reap the most benefits. Pick a time during the week that you can consistently allocate to your digital detox. Maybe this is your Saturday before 3pm or your entire Sunday — pick something that works for your schedule!

Sometimes it’s tricky to commit to a digital detox and that’s okay! Our favourite times of day to enjoy an easy mini digital break are:

  • In the morning, right when you wake up
  • When you’re sharing a meal with family and friends
  • After 8pm or in the hour before you go to sleep

We hope these work for you! Let us know over on Instagram @mr.wordsmith, your tips for taking a digital detox.